Saving money for retirement is difficult and nearly impossible for many people.

Prepare for your future today, before retirement so you can feel financially secure.

We build a Certified Green home for your investment and provide full-service property management.*

Using rental income you can pay off your mortgage within 15 years and own home free and clear. 

We will show you how to do it using one of our popular home, the SUSAN plan.

Today you can buy this home for $225,000. Initial investment 20% down payment $45,000.


Cost to build. Susan plan: house plus lot package

 2 beds, 2 baths, 2 car garage. Living 1238 SF, Total 2,018 SF


Construction Price


Palm Coast City Impact Fee one-time fee, flat rate


Estimated Lot price 0.25 of acre


TOTAL price to build Susan house plus lot package



Return on your investment: rental income and monthly expenses


5 years

10 years

15 years

Your Rental Income from tenants $1,350/mo.




Mortgage payments based on Zillow mortgage calculator – 09/24/2020. Principal and Interest – P&I




Your Tax Savings owning investment property




Property Tax, Insurance, Management fee




Your positive cash flow
Line 1 + Line 3 – Line 2 – Line 4




Additional value of your home based on national Zillow Home Price Scenario - 4.5% per year




Today you can buy this house for - $225,000
In 15 years your investment property will be worth - $378,000
Plus you positive Cash Flow - $111,000
Total your potential income- $489,000
Your investment is only the 20% down payment - $45,000

* We provide full-service property management for you. A property manager will rent your house based on today’s market price. They rent the house, find tenants, run a background check, make lease agreement, collect payments, & monitor the condition of the house. The minimum rental period is 1 year. Tenants pay the first month rent and security deposit in the amount of a monthly lease. 10% of rent payment to a property management company for service.


Palm Coast Estimated median home value in 2000 was $110,500 and by 2020 it increased to $230,000.
An increase of over $120,000 for 20 years

It means you could purchase a house like this 20 years ago for $95,000

Real estate portal Zillow reports home value’s increased 10% over the last year in Palm Coast.
Zillow predicts, Palm Coast home values will rise 8.9% next year, and prices will be $20,000 - $30,000 more.


Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey 2018 to 2022
predicted appreciation of 4.5%

In the latest Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, over 100 experts predicted moderated appreciation in future home values, closer to 3 to 5 percent per year. On average, the panel predicted national appreciation of 4.5 percent. Over a longer term, the panel predicted a cumulative change in home values of 19.1 percent through the end of 2022, on average.

q2 2018 zillow price expectations

You can see on this graph; the black line is the actual growth rate from 1987-1999. This is similar to the predicted growth rate of 4.5 percent shown in the orange line by Zillow panelists.

The graph below shows the success and resiliency of long term Real Estate investment. 

tn 1200 085c871fbc6e377288159dfdb80dc850.png

The graph above shows us, after the change to the Real Estate market in May 2007 the home values never went below the initial value for people who purchased in 1995. In February 2012 the home value began to increase again. As you see on the graph from 2017 to 2022 Zillow predicts the home value will continue increasing by 4.5% on average.


Wall Street Journal listed Palm Coast as No. 39 of the most livable cities in the entire United States.

USA Today named Palm Coast as one of the 7 best places to retire.

Where to Retire magazine, that rates the best retirement regions and towns based on factors such as living costs and taxes, has selected Palm Coast as one of the top places in the U.S. for retirees to live.

Palm Coast is one of the top three out of six most affordable cities in Florida. Affordability is more than just cheap housing options; it indicates a high quality of life as well as affordable costs of living.

Today is the right time to invest in a Green Home in Palm Coast. Cost of land is steadily increasing. Cost of construction, labor and materials are increasing an average of 8% per year.

Bank interest rates are still low at 4%. Analytics predict a rate increase in the near future.


Certified Green homes built using sustainable construction practices make these homes highly energy efficient, healthy to live-in: virtually allergen, dust, and mold-free. They are hurricane and fire resistant with ICF walls. 

70% of new home buyers in the next decade will be looking for energy efficient, healthy to live in, Certified Green Homes, per a report from The National Association of Realtors and The National Association of Home Builders.

Green Homes rent faster and generate more income because renters will pay lower utility bills and people with asthma and allergies will live comfortably.

Banks appraise the value of Green Homes higher than traditionally built homes.

In addition to being healthy to live in and economical, Green homes are built with sustainable construction technologies, that will keep our homes competitive in the future housing market with newly built homes and increase return on your investment. Buying a Green home, you are making the best investment for your family.

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